Why Aerate?
  • 1Improves Overall Air Exchange
  • 2Increases Fertilizer Effectiveness
  • 3Enhances Water Absorption
  • 4Generates Healthy Root System

Why Aerate?

Get A Beautiful & Healthy Lawn

Health and beauty are root deep. Over time, the soil beneath your lawn gets compacted, which impedes root growth. Compaction is a result of foot traffic, lawn maintenance and clay soil. This compaction prevents grass from establishing a healthy root system and keeps air, water and fertilizer from reaching the roots.

Why Aerate?

Removing small cores of soil from your lawn reduces soil compaction and promotes root growth for healthier grass!

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Steps to a Successful Aeration Block Party!

An aeration block party is a cost-effective and fun way to improve your lawn's health and appearance. Here are a few steps to make your party a success:

  • Coordinate a date for neighbors to pitch in for an aeration block party

  • Rent a RYAN aerator, get all the fixings for a cookout

  • Everyone aerates
  • Join the party, celebrate a job well done and toast to beautiful lawns

  • Share your aeration block party on Facebook with #NAYLD

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For over 70 years, the RYAN brand has been synonymous with heavy-duty, commercial-built, long-lasting turf care equipment. Staying true to this simple mission, RYAN has become one of the most trusted names in turf renovation equipment growing to include a wide range of products like aerators, dethatchers, overseeders, sod cutters and other specialty products that serve the landscaping and grounds and turf care professional — renovationg many of the most pristine landscapes around the globe. RYAN turf renovation equipment is proudly produced in the U.S.A. and is available through power equipment and rental dealerships nationwide.

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